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7965 Millenium Falcon LEGO Review

The Intro

7965 Millenium Falcon
Being a mashup between flying saucer and jet fighter the Millenium Falcon has one of the most recognizable shapes of all space ships. This year LEGO released their fourth version of the minifig scale Millenium Falcon. LEGO had also introduced a mini and midi scale version of the Millenium Falcon in the past. This year’s version places the Millenium Falcon in the time period between trying to get to Alderaan and escaping from the Death Star.

The Minifigs

7965 Millenium Falcon - The Minifigs
The 7965 Millenium Falcon comes with six minifigs including Han Solo, Chewbacca, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Ben Kenobi and Darth Vader. I think this set would have been more complete if Darth Vader was omitted in favour of C-3PO and R2D2. Han, Leia and Luke have slightly updated faces compared to past versions of these minifigs. Both Luke and Leia have new hair pieces. Leia’s head has a front and back normal/angry face. Luke’s head also has a front and back with a normal face and blast sheild.

The Interior

7965 Millenium Falcon - Interior
Just like two of the previous LEGO Millenium Falcon models the top section in this model opens up to completely expose the interior. Twelve slices and a flat section of the top of the ship fold outward on hinges to provide access to the inside of the ship. This Millenium Falcon model tries to include all the details of the ship portrayed in the first Star Wars movie.

The main deck of the ship includes a game area, sleep area, main computer terminal and an open area which also happens to be the area where Luke hones his Lightsaber skills. The model also captures the hiding area below the main deck which kept the Rebel heroes safe while the Millenium Falcon was boarded on the Death Star. Unfortunately the hiding area does come up a bit short in the model, allowing just one minifig to be hidden. The boarding ramp is also included but just like the hiding area the underside of the ship is a little too close to the ground to actually fit any minifigs through the ramp. Even though some parts of the ship aren’t quite to scale there is enough floor space to make it seem big enough especially with the different rest and recreation areas and the two corridors through the ship.

The Exterior

7965 Millenium Falcon - Exterior
As odd as it sounds, due to the size constraints of the set, this version of the Millenium Falcon is actually too “tall”. Because the model doesn’t have a wide enough diameter the body of the ship ends up feeling a bit taller than it should be, instead of being a thin disc, this Millenium Falcon has a more stubby shape. Setting that detail aside the exterior has a reasonable amount of detail to match the scale. All the main details like the engines, docking port, top and bottom turrets, missle launchers, dish, and flood lights are present. The turrets can actually be “manned” just like they were in the movie by Han and Luke. The top turret can be removed to provide access to the turret seats, once seated the seats can be placed back into the ship.

Some details such as the maintenance ports and vents are represented with stickers instead of constructed details like those on the Ultimate Collectors Edition but that’s reasonable as this model shouldn’t be compared to that scale. Overall this is still a very cool looking model.

7965 Millenium Falcon - Cool

The Summary

For those that missed out on the Ultimate Collector’s Edition Millenium Falcon I wouldn’t say that this edition of the Millenium Falcon will make a comparable substitute, you simply cannot compare the two. That said, LEGO did well to make this their best non-UCE Millenium Falcon model. The interior has all the right details to re-create scenes from the Star Wars movie and the exterior is mostly true to the real thing. While the Millenium Falcon did play an important role in many of the Star Wars space battles it might actually be a little difficult for a child to fly this ship around. The model isn’t easy to hold do to all the hinged roof panels, grab the ship in the wrong place and all kinds of pieces begin to fall off. With all the roof panels open this model plays more like a base, not that there’s anything wrong with bases.

The Numbers

Value5/5 $0.11 USD per piece / $0.14 CAD per piece
Overall Score4.25/5

Set Details

Set Number 7965
# of Pieces 1238
Modular Yes
Target Age 6 - 14
MSRP $139.99 USD / $179.99 CAD

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  • Nickmorante

    i got this for christmas, but it really isnt playable. overall it is a good display model.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah you’re not really going to go running around the room with this model in your hands, well you could if you’re careful, but it’s still pretty cool.