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4432 City Garbage Truck LEGO Review

The Intro

4432 Garbage Truck

Most kids learn at a young age the importance of police and fire and ambulance services. But what about garbage removal? That’s certainly not a very glamorous service but this kid (me) knew at a very young age the importance of taking out the trash (or at least taking it away). I always got a kick watching the trash get picked up and tossed and eaten up into the back of the garbage truck. How can so much garbage fit in a single truck (of course at that time I thought a single truck serviced the whole city). Set 4432 is LEGO’s 2012 edition of the Garbage Truck in their City theme, this time pushing the environmentally friendly factor a little bit more with green highlights, recycling symbols and a bin for food scraps.

The Garbage Truck

4432 Garbage Truck

The 2012 Garbage Truck is a rear loader style truck mean there’s an opening at the rear of the truck for waste to be tossed in. This model includes a bin loader for trash cans to be automatically loaded. Once the truck has completed it’s route the back end tilts to empty the trash at the dumpsite. Like most LEGO City vehicles the Garbage Truck is a single seater.

The top of the cabin can be removed to easily seat or remove a minifig in the driver seat. Other details on the Garbage Truck include mini steps by the cabin and tools for cleaning up any mess left behind by the garbage pickup. And what’s a garbage truck set without the garbage. Two trash cans are included, one for general trash and one for compostable scraps.

The Minifigs

4432 Garbage Truck - Minifigs

The Garbage Truck set includes two standard city minifigs in blue overalls and caps, a male and a female. Though I have to admit I have never seen a “garbage woman” before.

The Summary

There’s no glamour in garbage removal but it’s a necessity of city life, even in a LEGO city. Heavy vehicles are always fun and even when they’re not you can always find something interesting to do with them. In terms of pieces, the notable ones include the hinge that allows the truck to dump its load and the collection of eight curved smooth plates that make up the sides of the garbage truck.

The Numbers

Value5/5 ($0.10 USD, $0.12 CAD)
Overall Score4/5

Set Details

Set Number 4432
# of Pieces 208
Modular Yes
Target Age 5-12
MSRP $19.99 USD / $24.99 CAD

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